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2- Prepare your files.

Save as high resolution PDF file directly from Adobe InDesign, Adobe Illustrator or QuarkXpress (see more on file preparation below).

3- Order, proof & pay.

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How to Prepare the Artwork for Your Printing Project

To ensure that your order is fulfilled smoothly, please follow these guidelines

1- Bleed & Trim.

1/8" on all sides of the document will be trimmed off, this is called the bleed. So the size of the file that you submit needs to be 1/4" higher and wider than the finished (cut) size. Make sure that all background images and colors extend into this area to avoid having a white frame around your design

2- Safe Zone.

Additionally, please adjust your text and important graphics to be 1/8" inside of the finished size on all four sides.

3- Colors.

The file needs to be in CYMK color not RGB.

4- Resolution.

The resolution of your file needs to be 300dpi.